Miri Hamada

Born in Kochi,Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.


2015 BFA,  Musashino Art University, Tokyo

I studied fine art at university. While studying at the Nippon

International Performance Art Festival, I participated in NIPAF and

began making performance works.

Until 2016 I was based in Tokyo and was making short stays through

NIPAF, but now I am staying in Mexico City to expand my view.

Even in different environments and cultures, what I'm trying to reveal

through the body and some objects is always reminding people of the

senses of the perceived world, such as when first touching the soil It is

to do.Through a slow time flowing between short performances and

through a trivial action, the audience will not dance, they will be

excited to sink into the chair.

Live Performance


21th Nippon International Performance Art Festival, 3331Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo,Japan 

19th NIPAF ASIA Performance Art Series 2016, Tokyo, Japan

Joydeb Roaja Japan Tour - KID AILACK ART HALL

NIPAF ASIA WS IN:ACT 2017 - Nha San Collective & The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, Hanoi, Ho chi min, Vietnam                                                                                 

Atodashi Jyanken  - Art Center Ongoing ,Tokyo,Japan -- at Ayaka Ura's Exhibition

Doubutsuen  Vol1, Vol3 – Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan  Vol.5 - Kamo River, Kyoto

Yoshiwara Art Super Service - Taito-ku, Yoshiwara Area, Tokyo, Japan


“other” - Gallery conceal, Tokyo,Japan -- Curated by Risa Nagasaki

k.a.n.a.’s wonder world -KID AILACK ART HALL , Tokyo, Japan -- Organized by k.a.n.a

Performance art Work Shop and live Performance, ART ZONE WARAKOH, Kochi, Japan


Performance Art Workshop- Depart, Dhaka, Bangladesh

International Live Performance Art – Bindu a space for Artists, Nepal, Kathmandu

17th Nippon International Performance Art Festival ASIA, Tokyo, Japan

20th Nippon International Performance Art Festival -Tokyo-Osaka-Nagano Japan

Kolkata International Performance Art Festival , Kolkata, India


19th Nippon International Performance Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan


Performance Art Public Event - Kathmandu Art Council, Nepal

Solo Exhibition


“Hamada Miri” -garandu gallery, Musashino Art University, Tokyo,Japan ---curated by Ura Ayaka

Group Exhibition


”OOQO /  the continent, and YAGI” - Koganei Art Spot Chateau & Space Wunderkummer

seaside poolside - Inage sea side park pool, Chiba, Japan


“Selected works from Degree show” - Musashino Art University Museum, Tokyo,Japan

“sonna me de miru” model room , Tokyo,Japan


“April 2014 to November 2014” - Musashino Art University,Tokyo,Japan 

“ESPRESSIVO” - Koganei Chateau, Tokyo,Japan

“Cycle” - Gallery Faust ,Kochi,Japan

Hard, yak, socks (sound performance project)


“yoruno service set” – Akihabara Good Man , Tokyo,Japan

“Hard,yak,socks Kochi report” – Koganei city , Tokyo,Japan

“Performance night presented by Hard,yak,socks” culture plaza culport, Kochi,Japan



“Meconopsis charity live and performance for earthquake in Nepal”- Ruby Room, Tokyo, Japan

Performance and video festival ,Merry cultureday! Here is Ohyama – Subterenian,Tokyo,Japan


Artist talk Nguyen Phuong Linh - Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan



award for excellent degree works - Musashino Art University, Tokyo,Japan



Artist Talk and Catalogue of  Nguyen Phuong Linh (English& Japanese) 

(The number of copies of this special edition book is limited to 70.)